Resort 2019

‘mama weinek’

One of the reasons I feel really inspired in Jordan is because I am so well taken care of at home, meaning I can really focus on producing work. It is the cultural norm to live with your parents up until you get married – and this is true for the entire Middle East. This collection is a homage to Arab mothers, to the dynamics of Arab homes, all the nuances that for me make up our loving, funny and at times frustrating worlds at home.

Growing out of a social commentary on Jordanian families (including our own!), our RS19 collection was specifically informed by the mother and daughter relationship generated when a worldly graduate returns to the nest. This loving dependence, as well as the squabbling, is reflected in the text that became this collection’s theme: “Mama Weinek” or “Mama, where are you?”. Arab mothers call their kids relatively often, they want to know where you are, when you’re coming home, and who you’re with. It's when the line between concern and claustrophobia is blurred, you crave your own space.

My mom is also deeply involved in the Chinese community in Jordan, she has been learning Chinese for almost 6 years now and she is always hosting them in our house. It was through this relationship that I drew parallels between the Chinese matriarchal home and our own Jordanian ones. The combination of the artisanal screen printed Arabic text, with the Chinese motifs, together with the silk brocades make up the textile elements of this collection. The latest installment of the Ex-Boyfriend series is introduced: The Regina. With exposed boning, a low cut neckline and delicate straps, it is meticulously made to achieve the best fit. Made in a neutral colour palette with bursts of scarlet and blue-violet.