Our collective future

Our Collective Future is a sustainability initiative that considers the social, cultural and economic impact of our business in Amman, Jordan, through a talent-focused design strategy. Born out of a humanitarian crisis of displacement for Syrian refugees and the economic instability in our country exacerbated by COVID-19, Our Collective Future was created to help vulnerable communities find a pathway out of poverty and set them up for success in the world.

Embroidery is one of the oldest expressions of culture and tradition, and continues to be a source of income for generations of women in the Middle East. And working women have proven to be key in community development and financial stability for families that live here. Over the last 3 years, we have built a network of artisans that we collaborate with to produce and develop hand-crafted design details now present in every Nafsika Skourti collection. From the modern hand embroidery and beadwork of Syrian refugee artisans for who we secured work permits, to a local flag screenprinter who skillfully prints custom patterns on our fabrics, we are committed to providing sustainable jobs for those in need. And, particularly, for women.

Growing up in Amman in the heart of a region plagued by long standing conflict gave us an awareness that awakened our compassion for others. In 2017, we met Um Sleiman, a widow who fled the war in Syria with her three children, and offered her training and embroidery work for an upcoming collection. A quick study, Um Sleiman skillfully produced our contemporary takes on Arabic embroidery patterns and began to train other refugee women—an effort that has built team now comprised of 10 artisans and is steadily expanding its partnerships with additional women in need of work to gain financial stability and thrive well into the future.

Nafsika Skourti’s pursuit of modern womenswear design includes keeping traditional practices and techniques alive. We are dedicated to building upon these traditions while creating positive living and working solutions for underprivileged people in our country.


Nafsika Skourti is half Greek, half Jordanian. She graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2012 and worked at Marchesa in New York. She also trained in haute couture embroidery and passementerie at Ecole Lesage in Paris. Meanwhile, Stephanie Skourti, a lawyer by degree had been working at Goldman Sachs for 5 years before quitting and swapping finance for fashion in 2014.

The sisters joined forces as they set out to build something meaningful, and established the Nafsika Skourti brand out of their home in Jordan.