Autumn/Winter 2015

‘everything must go’

AW15 was born from the tension that exists between good and bad. “Everything must go”, how the most beautiful things in our life – relationships, people, even moments – all have an expiry date. But then something like a knife on the other hand, this man made sinister object, has the potential to outlive all of us.

How it started: After debuting our first collection, I was feeling super creative, I had just given birth and was now ready to go out here and make more babies. We get back home from PFW to find out our mother has a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit, (benign, thankfully) but still.

All creatives have folders in their mind, full of good ideas that haven’t been used yet. In that folder I had a craving to glitch flowers using my scanner. On one of the nights when it wasn’t my shift at the hospital, I took home a car full of flowers back with me because the hospital room was getting too crowded. I sat there, still inspired but also very angry at the world, and started scanning. The flowers alone were not doing it for me, I was not feeling pink and pretty. So I grabbed a knife, wires and then tissues and took apart our old desktop keyboard and extracted keys like ‘esc’ ‘home’ and ‘end’. Unconsciously, the whole collection was born from the tension that exists between the good and the bad; blessings and curses, beginnings and endings. The dark monochromatic colour scheme was a direct reflection of my mood - but we were also thankful it wasn’t cancerous and we felt protected and saw the blessings. White. Having spent days and days in the hospital - this sterile place people come to avoid death. Health is rewarded with flowers that wilt after only a few days. Beautiful things are not immortal, and nothing that lives is immune to death. The feeling of ‘coming undone’ is how I translated these ideas into forms. The renewal. The removal. The rebirth. We cut dresses diagonally and left them unfinished. We slashed tops and then restored them back together. Silhouettes were longer and more grown up, we didn’t feel like children anymore.

This is all very serious but we never steer anything without some references to actual clothes. 90’s Calvin Klein ads, posh spice and normcore were key ingredients. The high waisted wide leg pant felt right and we worked hard to make them ass friendly. Asymmetry is another lead actor in this story, adding drama and giving our beloved minimal pieces a new lease on life. A fantastic blue tinted metallic chiffon brightened up the lineup, seen on a slinky dress and a statement pair of pants.