Autumn/Winter 2020

‘memories of a home i never lived in’

This collection is rooted in that feeling you get when going through a forgotten suitcase of your mother’s old dresses, or find a box of dusty family photos; suddenly time slows down and your heart expands.

We project idealism onto a familiar-unfamiliar past. Itches of curiosity and wonder, wishing you could meet your mom from the sepia toned faded photos.

The mood is a little retro, with draped satins, gloves and oversized power dressing. Natural and feminine, without overthinking - a very specific kind of sexy.

The question of identity keeps coming up and is central to our work. Through the incredible efforts of the Palestine Museum, I was able to sift and search through hundreds of images made available online. The feeling was identical to finding an old box in my own home.

We found treasure in some of the most amazing Palestinian posters. Embodying an energy of resistance and celebration, they moved me. With a dose of patriotic nostalgia, we set out to pair the artisanal with the archival.

At the core of this collection are a series of handmade delicate beaded fringes, depicting the words Zaytoun (olive), Fidai (freedom fighter) and Watan (country). These words are from a 1985 poster “The Palestinian Alphabet” produced by pioneering Beirut-based publishing house Dar al Fata Al ‘Arabi3. A controversial collective of creative practitioners who sought to bring attention to the Palestinian cause through their striking and progressive work, which ran between 1975-1985.

Creating images and words from delicate beaded trims was a really challenging technique to perfect. It is a testament to how far the women’s skills have developed since we started working with them. Although it was a challenge to get right, the women artisans we work with were really passionate about perfecting these trims because they were so proud to share our language with the world.

All our prints are designed and developed in-house. The floral pattern was inspired by a super old but beloved shirt that belonged to our mom - reinvented with faded doves, some bleeding, taken directly from a moving resistance poster from 1982.

As a designer, my practice is rooted in dialogue and problem solving. When cutting and developing shapes, I always have the woman in mind - comfort, wearability, sweat! To achieve the best quality and make clothes that will last, we work tirelessly to push our standards. Through multiple fittings, endless toiles, pattern cutting, and experimenting with finishings, we strive to make clothes that are of an international standard. We want Made in Jordan to mean something great.