nafsika skourti is half greek, half jordanian and half internet, in 2012 she graduated from central saint martins where she was trained, educated and sleep deprived. before all this she worked at marchesa in new york and also trained in haute couture embroidery and passementerie at ecole lesage in paris. in september 2014 she launched in paris with ‘9 to 5’, an extension and elaboration of her graduate collection. this isn’t a one man show - fate was kind enough to give her a sister that completes the team. stephanie skourti worked at goldman sachs for 5 years and is the ying to nafsika's yang. together they hope to build something modern, cool and fresh. they are based in amman, jordan.

nafsika skourti is a directional upper contemporary brand that embraces both glamour and anti-glamour. collections are built around an eclectic mix of references, research and textile development. we love using our clothes to tell a bigger story, weaving personal narratives with social observations and subtle political commentaries. humour, a 90's approach to sexy, and hints of ironic bad taste is what we live for. we strive to translate our creative impulses into desirable closet friendly pieces, that are cool, culturally relevant, and beautifully crafted.

based out of amman, jordan, our hq (a suburban villa turned luxury dressing room) merges showroom, atelier and installation space. appointments are available for fittings, bespoke consultation and commissions. 

contact [email protected]